Double Counter Pro
Take your server security to the next level

Improve alt detection, unlock detailed insights, increase your retention.

  • Cheap monthly subscription
  • 24/7 live human support
  • Change server or cancel subscription anytime
Pro features
Double Counter Pro example screenshot
Custom join message

Choose your own message sent by the bot when users join your server and get rid of the invite to our support server

Ultra-detailed logs with data

Get detailed reports about alts detected: shared IP, cookie similarity, etc.

Custom timeout

Customize verification timeout for joining members.

Faster bot

Your server will be moved to a faster thread for maximum efficiency at all times.

Cross-server database checks

Improve alt detection through mutualization of data between servers. Access our advanced user fingerprinting techniques.

Premium support

Access to premium support channels, where we answer all your question in minutes. We also constantly monitor your server.


Discord's most-advanced alt detection process

The only bot that takes into account more than 10 parameters to detect alts.

Block alt accounts, VPN, proxies, raid bots and all automated programs.

  • A holistic scoring process
  • Keep it clean & simple, keep joining members in your server
  • Amazing accuracy and detection rate

A unique Pro package

No complex premium packages.
A unique price for everyone.

Double Counter Pro
  • Custom joining DM
  • Improved alt detection
  • Custom timeout
  • Faster bot & premium support

What Pro users are saying

What Pro users are saying about Double Counter.
They love it!

With Double Counter Pro we were able to reduce the amounts of alts that join daily very efficiently and very easily, all it took was a few simple steps and the bot was up and dealing with alt accounts already.

Face 1
Competitive Bedwars


My server was suffering from nearly daily trolls and recently a guy who used alts and VPNs to try and post gore everyday but since we got Double Counter Pro its been peaceful ever since (1 week so far). Many thanks.

Face 2

Double Counter Pro has allowed us to custom the bot as we wanted. The fact that it is so simple allowed us to keep a clean server and high retention and apply for Discord Partner. Thanks so much!

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